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Displace foam on ocean


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 Hello, I simulating some boat on ocean, all works good but when I use displacement from Ocean Waves on my simulated mesh, how I could use same displace texture for my foam simulation to match same dosplace position? My displacement is relatively large so I need displace foam same way. Displacement is along normals in shader so I need normals on my foam to be correct. Uvs is the same. Attrib trasfer normals from mesh to foam is overkill. I thing there must be some workflow but in documentation or web I did not find anything. Any help? Thanks a lot. 

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Ok so i create custom VOP/SOP and deforming my points from same texture as my ocean is. I found that if I check in render, render as points, points dont displace, it is clearly visible when I have grid, which is defomed by ocean texture, in render ic nice deformed, if I turn on render as points, its flat grid. so is there some sollution how to displace foam points by displacement in shader? Thank a lot. 

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You can use Point Replicate Procedural shader and put your displacement VOP code into CVEX (Shader Builder). Your points also need UVs that match source geometry for ocean displacement to correctly match displacement from texture.

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