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H13 POPs Simple Rain...emission on collision problems


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Seems like I need some input with this one. I created a basic setup for rain and now I'm trying to improve the behavior of the particles that are born on collision (using a popreplicate). I think they look too much like sparkles or with zero gravity. However, increasing gravity on the stream in question just results in weird behavior (particles start accelerating towards an unpredictable direction, but -Z).


Thank you in advance for any tips or hints.



Also, If I activate the collision with my static object, the particles go nuts, strongly accelerating into the bounce direction.


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Maybe this makes it a bit clearer:


In this thread, there is an example for a simple and effective method for creating rain:




Trying to implement something similar using the new POPs in H13, I failed (see above). I found the POPreplicate and POP Collision Detect in connection with the separate bouncing a lot more difficult to handle than the good old collision and split POPs.


So I was wondering how I  could mimic the "old behaviour" best using the new particles.

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