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Need some little help on smoke tail effect


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Hi guys hows going? This is my first post. And hope some one can figure out my problem...


I am looking for the effect like we seen in Harry Potter (death eaters's transport magic)



My instructor taught to use VDB tool to create the seance. But the result doesn't look that well.


I am thinking to use pyro to sim the smoke tail.


But question is how can i keep the particle animation? I tried to attach the pyro directly to my particle. But no matter how i adjust it just looks so weird.


(guess it's because i have to many particles...but once i reduce the particle numbers it won't give me really good look on the motion)


Can someone give me some advice on pyro simulation or help me fix my vdb work flow?





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The main issue with doing smoke with VDB is that Houdini currently doesn't have a way to treat it as a smoke.  Dreamworks has their own tool to do sim with VDB but they haven't shared it yet.   To get this done I would have a look at this setup:



They do a pretty good job with setting up a smoke trail along a path.  

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Absolutely.   Get the look you like with particles first, then cache them out.   When you read them in connect them to a fluid source node, and set the method to stamp points.   It may take some finesse to get a good look with the source.  If the source volume is looking bulky try lowering the division size.  More importantly I have found that lowering the sample distance (under the stamp points tab) really helps get a nice fine look for a source. 


Once you get a good looking source read it into the your dopnet using the source volume node.

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