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batch-sim of DOP I/O with hython


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I am setting up batch-simulations with houdini.


For all geometry-ROPs (particles, RBD) as well as mantra this workflow seems to work pretty well:

renderNode = hou.node(sys.argv[2])
renderNode.render(frame_range=(frameStart,frameEnd), verbose=True)

This will be called with a hython command and some args from the render-manager (sys.argv[2] is the path to the ROP ) .. so far so good.


But with volumes this doesnt seem to work. When setting up a pyro sim there's also the DOP I/O and DOP-Import node to visualize and render the volume.


Testing in python shell something like

"renderNode = hou.node('/obj/import_pyro_build/import_pyrofields')" reveals that there is no .render method available. So "renderNode.render()" can't work anymore and fails on the farm. Sure I could attach a Geometry-ROP to the DOP I/IO but that doesnt seem to be the right workflow.


What am I doing wrong? How do you cache out volumes with python? What about .sim files?

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hmm.. I guess the answer is to not use DOP I/O for caching out but rather attach a ROP to the DOP-Import node and a file-node to read back the sim.


That seems to work on the farm and for render .. weird

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