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particles migration Maya>Houdini>Maya using Alembic


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Hi there

I have lost all my faith fighting with alembic.


My story looks like this. Basically I have nParticles simulation in maya 2013. It's all done and I want to use Houdini mesher using vdb. Mesh needs to go back to maya. Thats it.

I have a few simulation like that and I have managed to complete this process with a success. I've struggle with already and I though I've figured. I thought that the case was to cache nparticles before exporting alembic. It work yesterday but not today.

I do get all data in houdini  with no problems when importing alembic but I can't export alembic with a mesh back to maya.

Even if i connect ROP directly to imported alembic it gives an error.


This corrupted alembic file inherits some bad stuff form maya. I've tried to convert that alembic to bgeo and than import to houdini and export to alembic - didn't work.


Please help.

Any suggestions are welcome. Maybe other workflows?!





I've figured it out. As it appears alembic won't render if you start exporting it on empty frame. 

Fix is to place dummy object or to shorten the range to frames where you have some data.

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