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Particle collisions and split problem


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Hi guys,


I'm trying to learn old POPs on Houdini and having trouble to understand how collisions and split onto new streams works.


The main problem is why sometimes splitting a new stream works and another times it just throw an error on the POP Split node which states that the preceding node "can't provide more than one output".


I think I'm doing something wrong, on grouping particles or collecting streams, but I'm unable to get the logic here.


I attached the file if someone if kind enough to look at it and point me in the right logic about collision, grouping and splitting particles. On this file, the problematic stream is on /obj/Rain/Rain_Effect (the first Split POP to the left on the network)




EDIT: If I change the order of inputs on the Collect node at the end the error is gone, but my killed particles are not killed anymore. Weird, i still think I have a problem upstream or the collect node has some sort of bug or odd behaviour  :wacko:


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