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Promblems with hair in H13

jim c

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I had a scene that at one point worked in earlier versions H13, but is now giving me a headache. Specifically the hair strands are being dragged behind down (-Y), and if you translate the skin it depends on (say up, +Y), then the hair strands start to stretch down (see attachment).




The hair asset is from the older version of H13 (part of a larger character OTL, the Superbabe character I posted a while back).  If I create a new hair asset and try and wire the guides in to it, then it does have the lagging hair issue, but the guides do NOT act the same, even if I match up the various parameters.


If I open up the scene that I had previously animated (about 300 frames worth) with this same OTL, it opens up OK, but the hair is showing this same problem.


So there's two things going on,

1) hair strands that "lag" or "drag" behind the scalp that they are atatched to

2) different behavior of the hair asset itself with regards to guides


I've attached a demo scene which replicates this.



All of this brings up a question, what *are* people doing for hair modeling/ctrl in H? The flow field SOP is vital to how I learned how to guide the hair, but I'm guessing there has to be a better way? What I'd love to see are solutions that allow you to manipulate a low res cage, and have the hair flow within that cage.



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