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parsing ifd files

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Does somebody know if it is possible to turn on "depth of field" in ifd-Files I have already written to disk. With mantra -q 8 I can turn it off but what if I would like to do the opposite and turn it on?


Thanks in advance!

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You need to add ray_property camera focus, ray_property camera focal and ray_property camera fstop properties into the ifd file.

I attached python script example that do this with binary ifd.
Just run it as:

dofOn.py -i inputFilePath.0001.idf -f 4.4847164154, -l 0.05, -s 0.227884607693

-i = ifd file path

-f = focus distance

-l = focal length

-s = fstop

For ifd file in asci format it's even simplier.

Just a little warning, this script replaces original file, so to be safe, do backup or change replaceFile() function.


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