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Tools deployment : configuration and paths


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  I am attempting to package up various dso/fb dso/mantra dso/*.so scripts/* and the associated VRAYprocedural and FB* files for deployment/installation into a single directory (with version number, platform and Houdini version )
  Is there some variable I can allow individual user to set to point to different version ?
  Assuming I have it properly laid out as expected by houdini, is there a single environment variable I can use to get Houdini to look there ?
  I tried HOUDINI_CUSTOM_PATH but it didn't work.
  I want to avoid having to setup up individual HOUDINI_OTLSCAN_PATH, HOUDINI_DSO_PATH ....etc if possible.
  I have browse through :
  but it does not seem to help me,
  Maybe I am going about the wrong way and hence encountering this problem.
  I am hoping to have minimal installation steps for the end users and no manual copying of files when switching between different versions of my package.
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