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Color Blending


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Hi Everyone,


My knowledge of shaders in Houdini is limited so forgive me if this is something trivial. Say I have two occluding, coloured primitives with opacity set to 1. When I render these primitives, in the 2d area where the primitives occlude each other, the colours will be additively combined. Is there a way to change this blending to an average or to a multiply operation in a shader?




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Usually the opacity blending happens in Mantra, not on the shader, so I don't think you can change it directly.


You can make a workaround though. Simply do your own refraction and combine them as you wish.


Start with a raytrace vop (http://localhost:48626/nodes/vop/raytrace) and shoot a ray in the direction of the view. Get the color and combine as you wish. You will want to turn any opactiy off.


Really love your works (on flickr) keep it up!




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