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Houdini 13: Pop Network vs Pop Network - Old

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I'm writing a plugin for Houdini. I'm trying to update my code to go from Houdini 12 to Houdini 13. Basically, I need to gather information about particle systems present in a scene.

Previously, a particle system could be created, for instance, using an Emitter from the Create Particles shelf. Then, I was working with the SOP_Node of type popnet located in /obj/particle_location1/popnet1 (default names) to create a GU_Detail gdp and get all sort of information by calling functions like gdp->getParticleCount().

Now, I know users can still create Pop Network - Old within Houdini 13, but if they want to use the new Location Particle Emitter from the new Particles shelf or if they want to use the new Pop Network, I would like to be able to gather information about particle systems created that way.

When looking at the Tree View in Houdini 13, the structure seems a lot more complicated than in Houdini 12, with this new AutoDopNetwork. So every particle system (created using the new Location Particle Emitter from the new Particles shelf) has its own location, each one containing popsource2 and single_point. Can someone tell me where and how I could gather information about those particle systems? To begin with, just getting the particle count would be awesome!

Thanks to all of you!


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