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PBR getting darker when adding a light...

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Hi everyone,


I am using a pretty standard default setup for PBR rendering using a MantraSurface material, a couple directional lights, and an Environment Light and am noticing a weird behavior.  I turned off the directional lights and was just using the Environment Light with an Environment Map and set some settings to get something that looked like somewhat "Chrome-ish" (just reflecting the environment map).  The Environment Map was using "Direct Lighting", the spec angle was set to 0, the spec intensity set to 1, and the diffuse intensity was set to 0.  And I got basically what I wanted.


Now when I turned on one of the directional lights to add some specular 'hot spots' to the render, the whole render got darker.  Why would adding light to a scene result in a darker render?


Thanks for any insight.

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