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Pixel samples


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Can anyone shed some light on this...


I was reading the help docs "Understanding Mantra rendering" when I noticed two apparently contradictory recommendations.



Under Raytracing/PBR, Sample:


     "For surfaces with displacement and/or very high frequency textures, you might increase pixel samples up to a maximum of 9 × 9. For anything else, a good limit is 5 × 5."




Then a little further down under PBR Shading


     "Because each sample only traces a few rays, different samples might compute completely different colors. For this reason, in PBR you will typically use 16×16, 32×32, or more samples per-pixel (pixel       samples setting). Accumulating that many samples will average out the differences from sampling only a few rays."



Am I missing something? Are these referring to the same 'pixel sample' settings? 






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