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taht copy the UI of an otl onto parent


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I have a tool that contains a set of otls,
they need to be controlled from the top level, therefore I need to take all the visible controls from the otls below, and aggregate them into controls on this tool.
putting each otl into a tab/folder the reason being that the tools below the toplevel will be very much in flux. 


it's very easy to drag a tool into a subnet copying all controls and hooking them up, but I cannot find a python/hscript equivalent...
has anyone made such a system? or could anyone give me some pointers?


Greets Freek.


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You can create folder type parm for each of your child assets and use "import settings option" in your main hda to get all parms.

Not sure there is a "right" scriptable way of doing this. But you can loop through all child assets, getting their parmTemplateGroups and assemble them in main asset ui. Then you need to make references between parms in another loop.

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there is apparantly an import block function,
which means you make a tab and put thhe source in like this: op:box1 
then rightmouse the tab in the parameter window and it will refresh them all,

unfortunately there is no HOM hook to refresh those imports at the moment (that I could find)
there seems to be some python code to do similar things:

someting I got from tamte:

hou.FolderParmTemplate.setFolderType( hou.folderType.ImportBlock ) 
hou.FolderParmTemplate.setTags( {'import_mask': '', 'import_enable': '1', 'import_source': 'op:paint_rockyness ', 'import_token': ''} ) 

might be of use to anyone else trying to do similar work.

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