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network simulations


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quick question:

is it possible to setup network simulations in houdini (either Flip or Pyro) without the use of HQueue?


In the last months I did a lot of pipeline-work to submit sims, caching etc. to the farm (using hython and RenderPal as rendermanager). So it would be nice keep the environment (otherwise job-queues etc. wouldn't work anymore)


Thanks for any hints ..


PS: or could I submit a job from my rendermanager to HQueue?

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Thanks.. but did you mean just simming on the farm or real distributed sims, meaning the nodes talk to eachother?

What kind of ROP did you customize? I'm using hython.exe (with standard ROPs) to get regular sims to the farm

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We have ROP written in python and it's just like merge ROP, you can wire any ROP (upto 32) to it like Dynamics, Geometry ROP etc.

We have slightly modified version of Mantra ROP which first generates ifd then renders. All happens on farm automatically. 

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thanks again.


Is there maybe any more info what goes on behind the scenes with HQueue? Maybe that way one could rebuild those commands to be used in a rendermanager.. still not sure if thats possible with houdini or if HQueue is the only choice. (I'm speaking only for sims not rendering) ..


And what are your experiences with distributed Flip-sims? Is that efficient in houdini anyway? speedwise, stability etc.

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