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"render view" image and "rendered image on disk" are d

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Hello everyone :)


I am working on a oil smoke which I am doing in pyro. I check how my image looks in render view panel. After I was convinced with the look, I hit the render button on mantra node. But the rendered image saved on disk is different from the one which I checked in render view panel. The rendered image has a loss of quality also. Its the same mantra node, then how is it that the result is different in render view panel and in batch render process. 


I am attaching the two images. They have the same settings with no changes.


Can anyone please tell me why is this happening??


Thank You.


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Looks like you saved your image with different gamma settings.


If you set the gamma display of "oilSmoke_batchRender.tiff" to 2.2 you'll get most of your smoke details back.


Some things that might be worth reading :





Also, check your render inside mPlay rather than the render view to see if you have the same result. If I recall correctly, render view ALWAYS use raytrace shadows, wether you set them to raytrace or shadow maps. At least it was true until H12.5, I'm unsure since then. It can result in a different look if the size of your maps are not adapted to your scene.

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Thank you for your response Anthony. As u stated that render view always use raytrace shadows, so I changed the shadows to raytrace from Depth map. And that gave me the exact result which I was getting in render view. It was due to shadows only.I was using depth map shadows since I thought they are better for volumes.

I changed gamma in comp which gave the desired result. Thank you once again.  :)

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