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Randomizing CHOP offset on instanced objects


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So I have a bunch of butterflies instanced on particles. The butterflies are animated using CHOPs. At the moment all the butterflies are flapping there wings exactly the same. So, how do I make them flap their wings different from each other?

I really don't know, because the butterfly gets animated first. After that it get instanced on the particles, so I don't actually have the point number to use as a random seed for the offset in the CHOP or something right?

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Hi. This is not the best approach to animate butterflies :) 

Bake animation of one butterfly into a sequence of bgeo files. Then use point instancing. On every point (particle) make a string attribute called instancefile with value:

/path/to/my/bgeo/butterfly_`padzero(3, (floor(fit01(rand($PT), 1, 100)) + $F) % 200)`

Where 1 - 100 - range of bgeo files, so each butterfly can start at unique frame

200 - length of animation loop.


And render this with Instance OBJ operator (Fast point instancing)

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