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Resolution Scale Parameter (H14)


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In Houdini 13, after placing a mantra node.  It's possible to:


click the gear -> edit parameter interface

under the 'Existing Parameters', select the 'Resolution Scale (res_fraction)' parameter.

Then under the menu tab of this parameter, the 'Use Menu' toggle could be unchecked.


Here is a picture of the dialog I'm referring to:



This was very useful as it then allowed arbitrary scaling numbers to be entered in the field (i.e. 2 to double the res, or 0.5 to render half res)


With Houdini 14, all the options for the 'Resolution Scale (res_fraction)'  are greyed out and cannot be changed.  Is there anyway to allow this parameter to be changed like in H13 ?



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In H13 this was already an available button, no need to add the parameter yourself. In H14 they made this even more visible in the new mantra node.

At the very top beneath the render camera you have a checkbox with "override camera resolution". If this box is ticked the menu that you were looking for appears.

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Yes, I was never adding this parameter and I know where it is.  I just want to disable the menu for it so any string or environment variable could be used instead of a drop down menu with few options.


In H13 and earlier this was possible, however in H14 this parameter is protected somehow and the 'use menu' option cannot be unchecked as it is grayed out.

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