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export curves to maya?

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I made a particle system and created curves from those particles with an add sop.

But for the next part of my project, I need to bring those growing/changing curves into Maya for someone else to work with.


I thought I got the alembic export working once before, but I can't seem to duplicate it.


and any feedback on a better/ more efficient system would be much appreciated :)

I still like using the old POP network, and this file is in H13.


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Adding a clean SOP helped...

I guess alembic is weird about attributes.

Now one animating curve exports and the rest never show up.


I tried pre-rolling so that initially there are 3 curves,

and when I bring that into maya, there are only 3 curves,

some of which flicker to locations of where the other new curves should be.


I guess it makes sense that all the geometry should exist on the first frame,

I'm just going to have to find a way to make it work with what i'm doing,

like making it emit from a larger volume under my ground plane all on the first frame

so I get variation in collision time

and just deleting the CVs in maya after the fact or something?

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