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FLIP Ocean tool combining ripples and waves


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Hi everyone.


I am using the Ocean Tool kit  trying to create an ocean with flips, but also I want to break the mood of it, so in some parts I was interested to have waves or ripples. I have been trying to modify straight the grid that connects to the ocean tools since I was thinking that it will change the shape when it creates the Initial Flip Container, but I haven't succeed yet. 


I could create a new Vel field and modify it inside DOPS, but I think the easiest way to get the results I want is modifying straight the Geometry in SOPS. If someone has an idea or knows how to do it that would be great.




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Where you say Ocean Toolkit, you mean the stock Ocean tool, right? (because the 3rd party Houdini Ocean Toolkit isn´t used that much anymore).


I´m not totally clear about your problem...did you start with a Wave Layer Tank? it already generates tweakable waves...or is there a specific reason for you to want to generate your own?

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HEy sorry, I have been out a bit.


YEs I start using the wave layer tank and I create the waves and also the mood I want. It works pretty well. HOwever when you an object colliding is starts to be a litttle bit more complex. Imagine you have an object colliding  to the water and this water is advected by the vel field created by the ocean tools. This object will create the splash and then also ripples around together with the waves. I have found a little bit tricky to do everything inside DOPS. Inside DOPs there is the gas advect by Volume pointing the Vel Field created by the ocean Tools in SOPS. However, it will be great to know how to break this grid in Sops adding ripples there, and add more organic movement to these points in SOps used later on to advect the flip simulation. I hope I clarify what I am looking for.


Thanks for your help.

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