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smoke simulation with custom velocity field

irnes c.

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Hi guys,

I'm pretty new..I'm doing compositing for some time now, and learning Houdini for about 3-4 months...

I just watched masterclass making solver from scratch, hope some of you watched it too so you can help me...


Its like this:

I want to make some grid that will emit smoke, and then that smoke will follow velocity that I generated...


First I make density and velocity volumes..then make dopnet with empty object, and then add that volumes with sopscalarfield(density) sopvectorfield(vel)...then I make multisolver, and in it, I connect gas advect field...it all works great except as soon as I check off "Show guide geometry" on scalarfield node, I can't see any smoke and I don't get any smoke in render..

As my little knowledge in Houdini tells me, there must be some problem with empty object node at the begining of dopnet...should there be some other node like smoke object, or volume source?


I attached the pictures of my nodetree and hipfile...(hip file is a little bit different from the pictures, I just deleted some nodes that didn't do nothing for me, I had gas advect node which I used for points etc..now its basic dopnet)


Hope I will get this soon...thanks! :)




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Thanks...I'm not in wireframe mode for sure! 

Well, I just want to be able to render that out...I too see them when in dop's but check off "show guide geometry" and I lose it...Can you edit my file please and send so I can learn how to do this..

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