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Snow Simulation with the new PBD solver


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Hi everybody,

I'm DangVy Nguyen, i'm a FX Artist Junior.

Here is my demoreel:


I'm currently learning houdini for some month, i'm begin to play with the new sand solver. It's very cool and fast! 


Actually, I do some test with the "Grain Solver" in Houdini 14.

I try to do the Snow Packing, and i have a problem with the snow, it through the ground. 
I put the ground in the "Bullet Data" Concave instead of Convex. I put the sphere in "RBD Object", the collision with the ground is perfect but not for the snow.... 
I attached my scene, for you see it yourself. 
Thanks for your help! :)
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Well, I did 3 things ;

1. recreated your ground geometry from separate box primitves and set it to Convex Hull - Create Convex Hull per set of connected primitives on the Static Object DOP

2. used a box as a source for the particles since your geometry file was missing

3. ( try this first ) set the Merge DOP (the one merging the solvers) to Left Input affects Right Inputs -- it was set to mutual. I still don't understand how exactly that particular one works but anyway - the particles are not going through the ground anymore


I'd upload the file but I changed so many parameters to speed up the sim that you'd have to waste a lot of time tracking those

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Ok, thanks.


I though also, it work for the simple ground, but for the complex ground, recreated separate box primtive for each tilt...it's tedious


I'm doing a test with the Snow Plow, i'll let the Convex Hull and it work...(it work too when the geometry is Concave)


Here is a preview

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