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Morphing VDB shape and UV


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Hi everyone,


I would like to know if you have any ideas how to create nice UVs between morphing shapes.


Enclosed I have created two ways to do that, but with the first one, I have a strange frange between my UVs and with the second, it is a little bit blurred.


Thank you for your future tips and tricks!




PS: It's for my school short movie.


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Hi Sylvain, This is a followup to your DM about the UV Texture to FLIP particle fluids mesh RnD on Vimeo.



Firstly have a look and download Spev's hip file here:



Dig through that to get a good understanding as it's a nice simple file.

You can then swap out the geometry source with any VDB_to_poly shape (or fluidSource node in my case) you wish to use, adding point UVs in the same way.


To fix the UV seam issues should they come up, add a polyExtrude.

Here's the source geometry network I used for the end example in the video:







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