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Network rendering inconsistency

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I'm rendering a particular scene from a Mantra render node with the following command in the Main tab

mantra -H,,

The three machines are all running the same version of Mantra but one is on MacOS and two are on Windows.


The result is http://johnpilgrim.net/reference/houdini/jenga_20150407b-07.mp4


The issue is with the reflective sphere. Note in the video above how the reflections drop in and out from frame to frame.

The material on the sphere primitive is an unmodified /shop/chrome and the rendering engine is PBR.


I'm still getting up to speed on Mantra, so please forgive me if I'm missing something obvious.


What's the cause of the inconsistency? What's the solution?





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It's impossible to step through the frames with that movie; but what happens when you render a sequence of frames on OsX?


Without being able to check it, it appears that the reflection is missing on OsX, perhaps the path is wrong.

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Thanks Marty.

You should be able to right-click and choose Save Link As... to downlaod the movie, to step through it in your viewer of choice.

The original Mantra render was a TIFF sequence and has the same issue as the MP4 linked above.


What leads you to think the reflection is mission on OSX?
The OSX box is what I'm working on and all my IPR's have the reflection...


Please do explain a bit more about the "path" you are referring to.



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The path would be if you were using a Env Light with an HDR, now looking at the movie frame by frame, it appears that the reflection is only of the objects in the scene.


Mantra -H should only be returning buckets from each render node, so that should rule out one machine being inconsistent in the render, you would see partial frames being different, but here we see whole frame looking different.


Can't see off the top of my head why individual frames would be rendered totally differently. As always it is best to upload your .hip file so others can check it.

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It's because you have two copies of the sphere at exactly the same spot, one in Sops and one in AutoDopNetwork. They fight each other to render and sometimes the AutoDopNetwork wins and is rendered with the default Plastic shader IMO

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