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Rendering out nth frames and compositing them.


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Hi all,


I am rendering out a fire simulation for sprite construction in Unity and I am running into an issue using the Mosaic COP for sprite sheet construction. I am rendering out every 24th frame of a simulation to end up with 10 frames that I want to make a sprite sheet from. However, bringing the frames back in to COP Context via a file sop is proving difficult.




It looks like I am missing the boat on how to get nth numbered frames back in without Houdini "filling in the holes", in this case making 11 or so copies of single frames. Do I need to hand rename these frames? I know it's something simple, it always is but if someone could give me a hand I'd appreciate it. Thank you

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When you read the image sequence in you might need an expression in your file path to only grab frames you want, instead of $F4.  Maybe instead of $F4 try:




```````Make sure you use the backticks or it won't evaluate.````````


If you didn't have padding on your tif sequence you could use




But since you have padding you need the top expression.  padzero adds the padding in this case 4.


That should make each frame correspond to the actual image you want in the sequence.

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