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FEM get a stronger bounce

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how can i get a strong bounce whit fem ?

there is this damping ratio i would expect an object to bounce for ever when i set this to 0

or where else do i lose energy

how can i let a ball bounce for ewer whit fem



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I'm not sure if it'll bounce forever, but have you checked the bounce value on the colliding objects? I think ground plane, for example, has default bounce of 0.5, which causes it to push objects back with half the force it receives.



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well they more i play whit it it seam that i getting not bounce at all 

the only way to get it look like it would bounce is to set the target

stiffness or damping which isnt a real bounce but sort of a transform or morph


can some one confirm that ?

is there some way around ?

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the effect i am looking for is more or less what you rafaelfs achieved in your "jelly" render example 

is that as the shelf tool sets up a cloth and just the parameters tweaked or are there additional nodes

if you could share the hip file of this render it would by awesome



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