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Controlling speed of an object


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I am trying to make small simulation where in an object follows a path .


as u can see, I have made a box that is connected to the path.....

I am trying to evaluate the speed of the box over the curve.... wherein as it goes down it accelerates and when it goes up it looses velocity.

Wht I have come up so far is using CHOPs, and using the slope chop. But I dont seem to get a good result from it.

Please help me out...

thanks in advance

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Have you tried a TrailSOP set to "compute velocity"? Bring up a geometry spreadsheet and check the "v" (velocity) values. If you're doing the animation on a path at the object level, Object Merge SOP your cube into a separate object, make sure that Transform Object is set to ".", and append the TrailSOP to that...or maybe you've already tried this. :)


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