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RBD Packed Object Dynamic Constraints

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I'm hoping someone can put me out of my misery...


The aim of the game is to create a bunch of glue constraints half way through a simulation of a bunch of RBD packed objects depending on certain test criteria.

As you will see in the attached scene, some RBD spheres are being attracted towards goal positions and I am trying to create some constraints between neighbouring RBD spheres within a given radius IF they are within a given distance of their goal.


I have got pretty close. In a SOP Solver I have managed to create the constraints using an attribwrangle but whilst the polygon lines connecting the RBD objects look correct, when viewed from withinside the SOP Solver, when I jump out to DOP level and view the guide geometry on the constraints, the red connecting lines don't seem to be going from the center of each sphere to the center of the sphere I want to constrain to. Instead the connection points seem off in space.


I'm sure there is a perfectly logical explanation why, but could someone please enlighten me?




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For glue contraints initial position is not important, so it should work the same in all casees. To make it appear correct when imported in dops, you have to provide world positions relative to each piece initial state. So basically you have to multiply positions by inverted packed transform matrices.

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