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How to use command line to render dop I/O and file cache nodes?

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Hi all,


I tried to use commandline to render dop I/O and file cache nodes, but it didn`t work.


I typed as following:


/-> mread D:/test/g.hip

/-> cd /obj/fluidtank_fluid

/obj/fluidtank_fluid-> render a -f 1 100 _V -s


but it showed me the message:


Couldn`t find renderer a


Did I do something wrong?



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no idea what mread does, I use hbatch then I navigate to the file I want to render


hbatch myFile_001.hip

cd /out

ls (to list the nodes)

render myRopNetwork or w/e the node name is


you can also type ' help render ' to get a list of flags

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no idea what mread does



'mread' is used to read .hip file in shell. It's old command from PRISMS. All commands start with 'm' are inherited from PRISMS. To write from shell there is 'mwrite'.

If didn't give file to 'hbatch' to open then you can use 'mread' to read .hip in current hbatch session.


In Terminal type:



// It will load installed version of Houdini and prompt to enter commands

hbatch Version 13.0.376 (Compiled on 04/08/14) // or whatever version you are on
/ -> mread /path/to/hip/file
/ -> cd /path/to/renderer
/ -> render -V ropdriver
or hbatch /path/to/hip/file
it just same. Only mread is useful to read file in current hbatch session.
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