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soft falloff in VEX SOP


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Hi Alex,

I believe there is a similar discussion here:



Heheh. I just noticed that. Yeah, I think that's what I am currently looking for. I was trying out the PC Vops, can't say I have gotten my head around it just yet. Still playing. :D


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My top tip is to build your vex sop into an hda, inside the subnet include a soft peak with no actual deformation if you turn on keep colors in geometry you can then pick up this attribute in your vex sop to do something with soft falloff.

I found a problem with using point clouds in an animation ( I think it's either only a problem in Apprentice, or a bug) Basically if you use the op: format to specify a cloud in your network then it doesn't seem to re-cook when the frame values change.

I haven't check it out fully but when I wrote "Attribute blur" on exchange that was what I found. If any fancies testing this please download it and try it out.

Alex, you could also use the same bit of code to do a soft falloff.

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Hi Simon,

It looks like that in the end, it's probably just much much easier to use Soft Peak SOP. Though it was just out of my curiosity that I'd like to figure out how to do it. I did look at your Attribute Blur code using Point Clouds. But, I need to study more into the PC stuff first.

I was using op: to access the point data, but I am sure the error is on my side, tho...

Thanks for your inputs.

Anyways, still clickin' away. :)

PS: Thanks for all your stuff on the Exchange. It was quite educational. :)

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