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Starting to enjoy the polygonal modeling tools of houdini more and more :D; However there is one thing that slows me down when modeling from time to time: Snapping.

While the controls for snapping are superb really, I'd wish to save a few 'snap modes' and switch between those while modeling, e.g. often I want to snap to grid and other times I need to snap to other points etc. and it would be nice if I could have seperate hotkeys for those or some kinda toggle key to switch these modes. Is there already an easy way in houdini to do so ? If there is, please tell me how :)

Oh, and on to something slightly different, I think it would be nice if Houdini would do the following by default: When repeating the same (S)OP again and again (e.g. I model almost everything by doing many many subsequent polyextrusions) auto-create a netbox for those and set the label to match the SOP command. Doesn't take long to do manually, yet it would make automatically the OP network easier to read.


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Those are some great suggestions. As for the snapping thing, I don't think it's possible right now in Houdini to do what you want. I think a lot of people just keep that snapping dialog "On Top" with their window manager while modelling.

I'd like to see that netbox feature. It would be useful even as a clean up tool. RMB menu item to "Netbox Like Operators".

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