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Ghost in the Shell intro VFX


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Hi everyone, my project/demo reel is finally done! Let me know what you think:



I am responsible for everything (including the guitar soundtrack haha) besides the base model of the woman (3d scan store), male head (a scan also) and skeleton (some medical anatomy model from somewhere). 


Credits- Huge thanks to my teachers at Gnomon, namely Peter Claes and Ryan Hurd. Peter was a huge help with the flaking system and got me started on the liquid shot, Ryan helped me with the liquid strands and tips on a buncha little setups. Friends and forum people with their crits and advice and files they shared. Really lucky to have gotten some help from dudes who really are making amazing fx for the biggest movies and also not sure who anymore but a user here in that giant noise on interior pieces in voronoi thread had a setup that I hacked together to work with my flakes which didn't even have interior pieces to push it further and get noisy edges. So thank you to all of those people, I'd say those were the biggest boosts and overall it was just a ton of figuring stuff out and learning and so so so much resimming lol.


Don't wanna make this too long so just let me know if theres any questions or if theres any files you want etc. I'm all about sharing the info.


PS: Shout out to Ash Thorpe and his team for his work on the other gits remake, never thought it was in the same lane because this is more animation and fx heavy but I really appreciate his work. I am 1 person and can't really mess with 20 pros working together but I had it up on my second screen all the time, it was the bar and I did my best. It took me more or less 6 months from beginning to now!


Next step, job search in LA and more learning :)

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