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Is whitewater broken in H14.0.444


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Hi All, I just opened up a hip I had made with H13 a few years ago which involves a simple flip sim with whitewater, you can see a render here

(this is just the whitewater foam)


I have the cache of the raw flip output by itself, and I'm using that to feed into the whitewater sim. 


When I generate the whitewater, the results are very different to what I had before (I still have the cache of the original whitewater too so I can compare).


What I'm observing is that no whitewater particles are going into the body of the fluid, instead they are just disappearing instantly and staying around the edges of the fluid. There seem to be other weird artefacts that I can't put my finger on (bits of whitewater particles appearing and disappearing instantly)


I've tried some of the shelf tools for waves etc but I have no comparison since I don't have H13 installed anymore. But the shelf wave tank also looks like the whitewater is mainly around the edges and surface and doesn't sink into the fluid with forces. 


I am downloading H13 again to compare, but I was wondering if this is a known issue, or if a setting has changed that I can't find or have forgotten about!?


I'm on Indie edition btw. 

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Yes - whitewater has been changed - you can always sort the journal by: 


Compatibility X.X - Similar to the Houdini journals, but provides a one stop place to learn all the known backward-compatibility problems. Workarounds are listed here as well.



Link to 'Whitewater' Compatibly H14:


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Thanks Marty, I didn't know about those journals, I'll keep an eye out for them!


Unfortunately none of those mentioned issues seem relevant. I.e.I tried enabling the Jitter Birth Time and increasing Velocity offset as mentioned, but it didn't address my issues.In fact I could hardly tell the difference.


for those that are curious, here are the two sims overlaid, the dark particles are my original cache from a year ago, the bright particles are a new whitewater sim, with the same hip file but opened in H14, and using the same flip cache as I used to generate the whitewater a years ago. You can see they're dramatically different



note that there seem to be more random noise on the new sim. I don't know if that's new, or just magnified


to avoid the dreadful dropbox video compression you may need to download the video. 

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