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Static Solver, Change Collision Solver Type


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Just wondering, in the RBD solver you can set the solver the node will use; RBD, Bullet or ODE, but how can i set this when im just using the static solver for pop collisions?

I'm assuming it defaults to Bullet, but what if i wanted to set it to RBD?


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the rbd solver can switch what data it's using for collisions because it's the solver that's handling the collisions.  the pop solver can't switch because it's not designed to work with different types of collisions.  for colliding against objects, i believe the pop solver uses the direct geometry itself (not converted to anything).  you can look at the "gas collision detect" microsolver to get more info.


other solvers will use whatever they're set up for to do collisions -- like smoke/pyro will use volume representations.  so it's up to the actual solver to utilize the data being generated on your objects.

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