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Material Stylesheet Attach Material to Subobjects from Agents

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Hi guys!


I'm having problems using the new Material Stylesheets..


This is my current geometry setup:


/OBJ/GEO NODE --> (multiple) GEO NODES


for example:






Now I want to assign a material to the shoes of male_01 agent, but I cant get it to work in any way.




So when I use the packedit node I cant see further down my agent's root name, maybe this could be the problem?



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I believe you're missing a level in the hierarchy - the top level target is the agent primitive(s) you want to affect, then the next sub-target is the agent shape, and the third sub-target is the primitives in the shape's geometry.

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I got it working allready, it seems that my sub geometry are not named the way they should.

Instead; they are named 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 0 is the agent itself for some reason.




Is there a way to check what the sub names are from an agent?

Uunpacking does show the names, neither does the packedit SOP.

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Sorry I made a mistake with my last post, this does not actually work!
This was working by accident, would you like to explain a little bit more what with the agent hierarchy please?


Any way to see this hierarchy? Its really hard to find in the documentation.

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