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H14 - Making Object Inherit the rolling movement of the waves


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Hey all, 

So I have done some tutorials here and on Digital Tutors and decided to have a mess around with the Ocean FX tab. My aim was just to use the wave layer and to have the boat that I have gotten from the tutorials roll around and move through the waves. 

The issue I'm having is getting the boat to adopt the motions of the wave. Whenever I did this with flip fluids I would have object merged the object in a separate node, created a new normal into the dopimport that would inherit the movement of said waves and then copy that back into the object. In following that same train of thought I attempted it but I can't get it to work? 

Even though the wavetanklayer_sim is basically a DOP network does it count as one? Do i need to use another node other than dopimport in the emit (which you can find in the project file below) or have I just configured it wrong? 

Any help would be most welcome!


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Okay maybe this isn't clear?


In the scene attached I have a flip fluid sim with a barrel-esque model that I made whilst learning flip fluids. The model has inherited the movement of the waves and as such it shifts around the waves as they move.


I understand how to make that happen here since inside the EMIT node I created I've copied a normal back into the barrel after using the embed in fluid tool.


My query is, if I'm not using a flip fluid tank but instead using a wave layer sim. How do I go about it there? Do I still use merge object to fluid and then go about making it ride on the waves like the barrel's EMIT node? Whenever I try that once I've set a dopimort told it to fetch geo from the dop netowork which I have set as my wavetanklayer sim then houdini just crashes?


please someone help!


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