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Shading geometry based on groups.

Elena_ DeCosta

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hi friend....i should post this in rendering forum, I tried but didn't found any proper response, so thought to ask some of my friends here.
Greeting....I have a little issue, as a FX artist,i am bit weak in shading. I created a mountain in sop context and divided in primitive groups based on normals angle in point wranglers node to give the sloppy look. every thing is fine expect it has a primitive group , so the edges are coming very sharp in render.It look awful.


 I really need help if any one can give me other way of rendering slopes with different shaders on single object.


one of my friend ,in this forum , suggest to calculate normal angle in SHOP context instead SOP context, but how i could i map a particular position in SHOP vop....


suggestions are always well come .



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