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particle separation depending on camera postion


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Hi everyone,

I'm currently working on a  flipfluid project.
So I'm asking a question: Is it possible to optimise my simulation by reducing the particle density depending on the camera position. (the closer you are, the higher the density is )

Because I work with a huge tank for my computer (300mx15mx300m).

I think I've to do something with the particle separation but I don't know exactly what !


If you have any idea to do that, all of them are welcome!


Thank you

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Not sure about varying particle separation. I don't think that's possible, but this is Houdini after all, anything is possible! But perhaps you don't need to simulate the entire area? What are you making? Could you combine a deforming surface (ocean surface) with the particle sim? 

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Hi woodenduck!

Thank you for the quick reply! And for the idea, combining ocean geo and sim is the simpliest and the smartest solution for my project!

My project is pretty simple, I've an animated geo wich is emerging from the sea and the average geo size is 35 metters.

I still very curious about how to reduce particle density depending on camera position.

Thank you again for your advice Woodenduck!


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