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Trouble with UI on second monitor with H15 on macbook retina

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It would be amazing if anyone has any insight into this as I haven't found any other reference to this issue and can't think what it could be.  


Since getting Houdini 15, I have had trouble with using it on a second monitor.  I'm working from a MacBook Pro Retina and have it attached via HDMI to an 1920x1080 monitor.  I have the latest version of OS X and have tried with two entirely separate laptops, screens and cables but to no avail.  I tried with a version of H14 and it works fine, so I imagine it's something to do with the higher res UI with H15, but beyond that have no idea where to start.  I've also tried adjusting the display settings for both monitors and the UI resolution within Houdini preferences.


It seems to affect not only the GL display but also the other panes.  Attached are two screenshots showing the result, in case that gives any clues.


If anyone has any pointers then I'd be immensely grateful!


Thanks in advance!





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Not sure if this is of any help.... I have a two monitor setup with an LG 4k 10bit display and a standard hd tv. 4k hooked up with display port, tv is hdmi.


Both are sharing one video card, 980ti, and Im running Yosemite on a hackintosh.


That said, I had the same issue with setting up my 4k monitor. Houdini preferred certain sizes. So in the monitor preference, you use option + Scaled to see alternative sizes. Once I found a setting that was happy, Houdini launched and looked good. I did not go for full 4k since the scaling of the system fonts got too small. The 4k monitor is set to 2560x1440.


My only issue is that even with Houdini set for Hi DPI monitor, I still would prefer to be able to scale the Guide font past the limited Large selection.


Hope this helps some.



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