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Ocean Advection Fails after F1


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I created a Wave tank, deleted the Ocean spectrum node the shelf tool provided, and wired in my own Ocean Spectrum Node. No other changes were made. However, the simulated particles are not being advected. They receive the Wave Tank's velocity from one frame 1 and continue on that velocity path  (flying up into space)  but are not effected by gravity or any other force, specifically the Ocean Advect POP force we want them to follow.


- My first thought was that there was a parameter that was linked via expression to the original Ocean Spectrum node, and was for some failing because it didn't have an Ocean Spectrum node to reference, but I couldn't find any such parameters.


- Everything being generated by the Wavetank initial node looks correct. Failures seem to occur in DOPs first.


- The boundary particles continue to move as expected, but appear to have no effect on the particles in the center, 


Scene File & Sample video attached.


Any thoughts as to what might be occurring here? 






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