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Rendering Points as Spheres - Shader

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Hello Odforce!


I am rendering a bunch of points as spheres (GEO node: Render/Geometry/Render Points As).

Is it possibile to modify the default shader that is assigned to the point primitives?

or i necessary have to copy a geometry onto points to assign a shader? 



rendering as points would give me the chance to use the pscale attribute to control the particles primitives scale directly,

while if I copy sphere prim onto points i would have to use the stamp function which slow the network quite a bit.





thank you for helping!

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it works.


Thank you iamyog!!!  :)



PS_ why if I set the materialSOP to points it doesn't work? isn't the "render as sphere" option an instance procedure?


Point attributes
Assign the material at the point level instead of the primitive (face) level. This is only useful for point instancing. The objects instanced to the points will pick up the material assigned to the point.
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