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using point expression to activate gravity in dops?

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Hi there


I have a group in geometry called largeflow which is a boolean value.

I've been trying to use it via a point expression to activate a gravity force if the point is in the largeflow group


The expression I've been using is point("../../geo1/fluid_flows_OUT",$OBJ,"largeflow",0) which I thought would give a value of 1 and activate the gravity force for only this group.

This doesn't seem to work tho.


Also tried various ways of using an a boolean attribute called largeflow to do the same thing with no success.


What I'm trying to do is use different forces on different sets of particles based on their grouping but don't seem to be able to get it to work.


It could be I'm getting totally confused about the dataflow. As I understand the geometry gets passed the dop point by point so I should be able to use an attribute value to determine which forces to apply to which groups of particles but I get the feeling I could be completely wrong.


I've attached the hip and any advice would be much appreciated.






dualsplash v6 testing.hipnc

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