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How to combine ocean wave and splash tanks together?

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I actually posted same question at Houdini forum but no luck yet....


At the momoent, I have created a wave tank to get the wave look and then created a splash tank with a moving object. I imported oceanspecturm from the wave tank setup to the splash tank network and cached a splash particles and then surface..... Then, I am not sure what I should do next.  I decreased the Particle Separation to 0.03 and see much better result but don't know how to combine them.
I tried rendering the surface and I see quite strange result.... They became two different things....  Should I simulate same size of my splash tank as the ocean wave instead?  My computer would die for that, I think  :(  But even so, the render won't look the same as the ocean wave, I am afraid.
Or am I doing totally wrong here?
Tutorials and docs that I have been following: 



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