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Hqueue - multiple geometry ROPs, single job per frame?

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Argh!  Anyone know what I'm missing?


I've got three Geometry ROPs for three different output geometries per frame, and they all branch from the same root fluid meshing.

As it stands, no matter whether I "merge" the ROPs, or chain them in series, when it comes to generating Hqueue jobs it will either create 3 separate parallel jobs per frame, or 3 separate nested jobs per frame.  That results in each frame effectively being meshed three times over, rather than just keeping the cached data in memory and outputting three pieces of geometry at a time.


I could just pack those three pieces of geometry, merge them, and output them to a single geometry file per frame... and split them out later on, but that seems pointlessly awkward when I ultimately want three geometry sequences on disk.


I can't seem to work out what utility ROPs to use to set it up the right way.  Batch would presumably just batch the entire sequence into a single job... I can't quite work out what Frame Container is for, but it doesn't appear to apply.


...any pearls of wisdom? :-)

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