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Fluid Surface Popping Errors


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I'm having problems with the fluid mesh. It pops as if particles were disapearing... but they are not.


I'm doing a simple 2 emitters splash and I have animated the sim time scale to create a nice slow motion effect. I've solved the problems in the sim and the particles apear nice.


When I mesh it they pop, but just in random places. 


I'm uploading a simple file with more or less 1 million particles. But I've tried with more and they pop also.



Can you help me?




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Try turning on the Limit Refinement on your particle fluid surface and keeping it at 0. Tried it on my end and it got rid of alot of the flickering. Slow moving fluids are always a tricky thing.


The help on the particle fluid surface also says to try and turn down the adaptivity to 0 but, I didn't try it on my end.



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Thanks Ryan... well in the meantime I did some research and also turned it off based in some info I saw it reduced a lot. I've also done some changes in the smooth and it removed almost everything... To increase smoothness I've used the gapfiller Pavel shared... 


I will resim it and remesh it and see if it gets better. 


Thanks for the tips.

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