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Volume Bend Deformer (need some maths help)

Jordan Walsh

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I'm trying to recreate the bend deformer to use for volumes.

The issue is that with points you transform the point to the new bent position but with the volume you need to use a volume sample to "pull" the volume into the position with the volume sample node.

I initially thought that it would be fine and all I'd need to do is negate the angle but it is more complicated that that.

Is there any way to get this working?


I have attached a file with the bend working on a box but broken on the volume. The bend nodes were pulled from qL library 



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There are two flaws. A new bent position can overlap a same place more than once, that's why it samples same voxel and creates repetitions. You can visualize it by creating points in each voxel and try to bend them with the point deformer. Second problem is that result is oddly scaled, probably due to the algorithm itself. What do you want to accomplish bending a volume? It is as efficient, as bending resx * resy * resz points. You may try to convert volume to points, deform them and convert back to volume. There is also an example file for this.




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