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Delete objects converted from points to shapes

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Still new to Houdini, but I ran into something interesting(for me) when I was trying to just take the idea of deleting particles based on their Y value. This seemed to work fine until I turned my points into solids.


When I was using points, in my dop network I used a geometry wrangle node with the following condition to kill particles below a certain Y value: if(@P.y<-.25) removepoint(0, @ptnum);


Now, when I try this with baked geometry that has been converted to solids and using a finite element solver, I can't seem to get the same results. This is where I'm lost. I'm assuming, it's because the solids are now no longer points. But I don't know how to access them for deletion.


I attached a file with a simple setup if you're curious to take a look. I'm just taking the idea of deleting objects based on Y height and applying it across the board with all solver/object types. 


Any help is much appreciated! :D 









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Tetrahedra are primitives. This should work:

if (@P.y < -0.25)
    removeprim(0, @primnum, true);

Thanks for this. Is there a way that it deletes the entire mesh at once? Even if that involves deleting the particle that is created into the mesh? I see that it deletes each face, but I'm trying to delete the entire mesh at once. On and off, instead of per primitive?

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