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Transfer texture color onto propagating points


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I'd like to figure out how do I assign a texture color for "Growing points" in propagation effect. 

For now I have a Torus representing just a simple object with mountain node to add animation, it then 
- scatters to points 
- interpolates so the points stick on the object 
- adds 2 attributes ("accum" and "init") 

I am using those attributes in my VOP within my Solver node. 

Been trying to get it to work this weekend but that's just the WALL I cannot climb. I'm thinking that I need to transfer the Cd attributes from texture map onto single points after they're scattered and then in "bind_to_color" AttributeWrangler I somehow assign attribute's color by VEXpression? 

I was following a tutorial which replaced my initial approach due to better layout and understanding: https://vimeo.com/149939158 (By BW Design) and 
I'd like to replace the red color with a texture (stone).

All the help and tips will be highly appreciated!


Screenshot 2016-04-17 16-50-15.jpg



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