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a quick Point Cloud query...

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I've just been trying to set up a simple attribute propagation effect with pcopen.  I can't work out why the 'Max Points' parameter appears to have no bearing on the number of points affected (besides a binary on/off difference between the values of zero and one).  The search radius alone seems to drive the effect.  No doubt this is my misunderstanding of how pcopen works, but I can't seem to work it out.  If anyone is able to explain the reason for this, I'd be really grateful.

I've included my Hip file, in case anyone has a moment to look at it.  Thanks!


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the point cloud only has a single point.  that's why it's acting like a toggle instead of a count.

vex code is iterating on each point in the source geo.  the pcopen/pciterate is iterating over each point it finds in your point cloud (second input in your sample file) for every iteration of your vex code -- ie, on each source point.

your green dots are colored based on each individual dot finding the single point in the point cloud since it's within the search radius for that dot.


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Thank you so much for taking the time to look at the file and so quickly! I figured that it must be a misunderstanding on my part but couldn't find an explanation and it seems I just got confused as to which way round things were operating.  Really grateful for your help!

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