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Render keeps failing with Mantra+Pyro FX on Windows

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Hi Guys, 

I am trying to render a pyro sequence with mantra using pretty modest/standard settings. 

Here is the tutorial I am following if it helps in any way (it's Russian but it can still be followed): 


I am using Houdini 13 on Windows 8 on i7 Haswell with 16GB Ram (Not Ideal, I know). 

However, there is a 'hit or miss' situation going on where sometimes randomly I will get an error mid-batch render saying that there is an 'Error saving geometry for:' and 'Error loading geometry...'from stdin'. 

So far this has happened with my volume light and now with my pyro material.

I don't have that much space on my Primary C: SSD drive (about 1.5gb), however this doesn't seem to be utilised during render so I don't think this the problem. 

During render the CPU is almost completely utilised and the ram usage is around 50-60%. 

If anyone could shed any light on this situation it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks. 

P.S. Sorry for the huge screenshot!

2016-05-14 16_45_56-Greenshot.png

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